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What is Comprehensive Healthcare?

Comprehensive healthcare is an approach to healthcare that embodies the whole patient and all of their needs – not just medical. This type of care typically involves a team of providers working together, instead of separate doctors providing care in just their field. This team communicates and develops a plan of care for their patients that covers every area of care. 

Some areas of comprehensive care include:

  • In-home hospice care for the elderly or those who have limited mobility
  • Physical therapists who help with rehabilitation and decreasing pain caused by accidents, musculoskeletal conditions, and chronic diseases or ailments
  • Diagnostic and testing centers to provide accurate diagnoses and answers to patients

When these specialties work together, patients have better outcomes. A comprehensive care program looks at the bigger picture and focuses on short-term and long-term goals regarding care and health. 

An Innovative Approach

Cartera Health noticed a gap in the healthcare industry in providing quality comprehensive care and sought to create a solution. This resulted in the Cartera Circle of Care. 

A circle is the universal symbol of totality, wholeness, and all cyclic movement. This extensive meaning represents the way the Cartera Health brands work together to provide whole, comprehensive care to their patients. 

Designing brands that work together for the greater good of their patients and their families allows the physicians to work closely and monitor their patients’ progress closely.

Medical credentialing services allow the best physicians and nurses to be found through Sterling Staffing Solutions, which also provides hospice and in-home care to those who need extended care or end-of-life comfort. For those who need in-home care due to mobility issues and need rehabilitation, VIP-PT, and Sterling Therapy help patients reduce pain while building strength. The HomeHealthApp provides physicians and caregivers the data and updates they need regarding their patient’s health and care through a scheduling app and information system.

The Cartera Health Methods

Cartera Health is focused on the expansion of the Extended Care industry. They provide innovative healthcare tools, services, and unparalleled innovative healthcare experiences to patients and their families through this comprehensive approach they developed. The founders, Dr. Sterling Carter and Stephen Carter are personally engaged and hands-on in improving and implementing the processes that help each patient reach their healthcare goals, as well as building their community. 


Blog Post

Cartera Health aims to deliver exceptional care across the healthcare industry. Our mission is to elevate every aspect of extended healthcare and hold it to its absolute highest standard. Cartera Health combines the most innovative technologies with their moral and ethical values to ensure that each and every patient receives the care they deserve. 

Our founders, Dr. Sterling Carter and Stephen Carter, developed healthcare brands that encompass each aspect of extended care in order to deliver on their mission and to remain personally involved and engaged. Because of this, the brands cover healthcare staffing to hospice to physical therapy and are held to the same outstanding standards.

The Connection Among Brands

Despite having nine healthcare brands under the umbrella of Cartera Health, patients, medical professionals, and families will find similarities between each business. Our founders dedicate the time and effort in order to create businesses that achieve excellence and hold them to the highest standards. 

These brands contain a number of commonalities that relate back to the Cartera Health mission and their values. An overarching trait you can find within each brand is that they are all people-first and patient-oriented. Regardless of whether you are receiving physical therapy or finding medical staff for in-home services, there will always be the concerns of the patient first. How can we serve them? Are we improving their lives and conditions? Does our staff strive to make a difference in our patients’ lives? 

Here is a full compilation of our brand commonalities. 

  • A focus on extended care and home health 
  • A pattern of ‘learn through doing, then improving the model through innovation and technology
  • We are on a mission for better health and improving the health of others
  • Patients receive personalized & individualized care specific to their conditions or concerns
  • Proudly Clinician/Veteran/Minority-owned and operated
  • People first, and we work on both B2C and B2B levels
  • Our staff is held to the highest level of integrity and sense of responsibility
  • The hope is to serve as thought leadership and models for the next generation of healthcare professionals

Cartera Health is home to nine healthcare brands. Each company aims to serve their patients and the community to the best of their abilities by providing personalized care, white-glove service, and by taking the guesswork out of the business side of operations. This allows the physicians and medical staff to devote their time and passions to their patients.

How they Shape the Mission

These values and common denominators between all the Cartera Health brands drive the overall mission for expanding the extended care industry and raising the bar for future generations of healthcare providers and innovators. 

By working simultaneously with B2B and B2C businesses, leadership can see situations from both points of view. This allows them the ability to create comprehensive solutions. Leadership is present and very hands-on when developing processes and ensures these values are maintained. The brands are all founded on the premise of bettering home health and in-home extended care. This means the staffing solutions have their sights set on the best in-home care providers who understand the importance of comfort, trust, and loyalty it takes to be in a patient’s home. 

Our mission comes to life through these brands on a daily basis. Every small success or patient who is no longer suffering with a condition is a win for Cartera Health and a win for our communities. Each patient affects the way Cartera Health operates and grows. 


Blog Post

For the last ten years, Cartera Health has been committed to providing accessible healthcare to the public through innovative technology, and healthcare delivery approaches. As leaders in the Extended Care industry, Cartera Health focuses on the patients and their families. We provide exceptional patient care and provide support and wellness services that engage and empower the community we serve – all delivered by a dedicated team of mission-driven professionals. 

Our Founders

Cartera Health is the brain-child of Dr. Sterling Carter and Stephen Levi Carter, MBA. Their combined 50+ years of experience in their respective fields have helped them shape their business and truly understand the need for in-home health. 

Dr. Sterling Carter is a decorated Army Veteran who proudly served his country for more than 25 years. Retiring at the rank of Major, he worked as a physical therapist and in various leadership roles. Dr. Carter obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Physical Therapy from Langston University. He received his Master of Science in Physical Therapy, focusing on Orthopedics from Texas Woman’s University and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Simmons College. Dr. Carter is a Certifed Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). His passion is providing unparalleled value to his patients. 

Stephen Levi Carter is a renowned expert on entrepreneurship. His operational success record, visionary leadership, and business development have allowed him to transform business landscapes wherever he goes. Through his combined experiences, Stephen has managed finances for Fortune 500 corporations and built solutions for problems using his innate desire to help others. Stephen received his Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Accounting from Langston University and received his Master’s of Business Administration in Change Management and Finance from the University of Houston. He has more than 25 years of finance and management experience for consulting, medical, oil and gas, and technology firms. 

Our Mission & Values

Our mission at Cartera Health is simple:  to elevate extended healthcare and hold it to its highest standard for our patients’ and providers’ well-being. We utilize the most innovative technologies in home health, therapy, hospice, long-term care, assisted living, and nursing homes. 

By combining Dr. Sterling Carter and Stephen Carter’s desire to create solutions in healthcare, they plan to advance the field of extended care continually. 

What sets Cartera Health apart is its values. They believe everyone deserves quality care and they are personally involved and engaged in improving the care delivery across all their brands and companies. Helping one patient has a direct impact on the entire community they’ve built. 

Cartera Health Brands

At Cartera Health, our goal is to encompass every aspect of extended care, which is why we’ve founded businesses to span the industry. 

Sterling Staffing Solutions

Sterling Staffing Solutions is a leader in efficient, cross-discipline staffing solutions for extended healthcare organizations, including home health agencies, physical therapy facilities, hospice agencies, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

Sterling Physical Therapy and Wellness

Sterling Physical Therapy and Wellness is a multi-faceted entity that services physical therapy and rehabilitation needs. We specialize in Physical Therapy for individuals with increased pain, decreased mobility, and declining function. We offer neck and back pain management, post-operative rehabilitation, Work-related or Auto related injury management, chronic pain management, and sports-related injury management. 

White Orchid Hospice

White Orchid Hospice provides in-home patient hospice services that allow seriously ill people to transition in a comfortable environment with access to round-the-clock medical support. 


VIP-PT provides you with superior Physical Therapy care by way of a luxury appointed therapy clinic on wheels. Our state-of-the-art, customized Mercedes Sprinter was built with your interest in mind. We deliver expert-level care, convenience, and safety in an exclusive package just for you. 


HomeHealthPRO offers a scheduling and staffing solution that gives you home-healthcare agencies and clinicians a secure, easy-to-use platform to connect and deliver timely patient care.


MyMedCred is the most revolutionary Credential Management Solutions for Healthcare Organizations available to date. MyMedCred easily captures, tracks, and maintains valid certifications and licenses for healthcare workers. 

Sterling Diagnostics Testing Center

Sterling Diagnostic Testing Services provides high-quality musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging testing and services for private doctors’ offices.   The model provides private offices with an invaluable tool that accurately diagnoses musculoskeletal conditions while providing an added revenue stream for Doctors.