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Cartera Health is laser focused on being leaders in the Extended Care category of healthcare by providing innovative tools, services and care within the healthcare spectrum. We are passionate about rooting out the inequities in healthcare as we believe that every person despite economic, religious, racial or sexual preferences, deserves quality care. In that vein, we are personally engaged in improving care delivery for all. We believe that each time we help a patient or a business, we are helping the entire community.

Types of services

Cartera Health is committed to delivering exceptional care in a cost efficient and highly productive manner across the healthcare industry. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you will achieve your greatest possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time. We do this through the following services

  • Sterling Physical Therapy & Wellness is an outpatient physical therapy clinic that uses the Sterling Method and high-quality one-on-one care resulting in better outcomes.

  • VIP Physical Therapy is physical therapy on your own terms: Luxury, Expert & Mobile Concierge Access

  • White Orchid Hospice not only provides the support that your loved one needs for the end-of-life journey, but also provides the support that you and your family need to navigate these difficult times.

  • HomeHealthPro is more than a technology play. It is a platform designed by clinicians that delivers deep healthcare expertise that meets the real-time needs of both healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals.

  • MyMedCred offers a simple, hassle-free medical credentials management solution uniquely designed for small-to-medium extended healthcare organizations.

  • Sterling Staffing Solutions is your trusted source for convenient, cross-discipline staffing solutions for small-to-medium healthcare organizations.

  • Sterling Diagnostic Testing Services helps to accurately diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries by using Advanced Diagnostic testing on patients who need and will benefit from it.


For the past decade, we have been committed to improving the accessibility of healthcare to the masses through the application of technology and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery.


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Cartera Health is committed to delivering exceptional care in a cost efficient and highly productive manner across the healthcare industry.

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