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An Innovative Approach to Comprehensive Health

What is Comprehensive Healthcare?

Comprehensive healthcare is an approach to healthcare that embodies the whole patient and all of their needs – not just medical. This type of care typically involves a team of providers working together, instead of separate doctors providing care in just their field. This team communicates and develops a plan of care for their patients that covers every area of care. 

Some areas of comprehensive care include:

  • In-home hospice care for the elderly or those who have limited mobility
  • Physical therapists who help with rehabilitation and decreasing pain caused by accidents, musculoskeletal conditions, and chronic diseases or ailments
  • Diagnostic and testing centers to provide accurate diagnoses and answers to patients

When these specialties work together, patients have better outcomes. A comprehensive care program looks at the bigger picture and focuses on short-term and long-term goals regarding care and health. 

An Innovative Approach

Cartera Health noticed a gap in the healthcare industry in providing quality comprehensive care and sought to create a solution. This resulted in the Cartera Circle of Care. 

A circle is the universal symbol of totality, wholeness, and all cyclic movement. This extensive meaning represents the way the Cartera Health brands work together to provide whole, comprehensive care to their patients. 

Designing brands that work together for the greater good of their patients and their families allows the physicians to work closely and monitor their patients’ progress closely.

Medical credentialing services allow the best physicians and nurses to be found through Sterling Staffing Solutions, which also provides hospice and in-home care to those who need extended care or end-of-life comfort. For those who need in-home care due to mobility issues and need rehabilitation, VIP-PT, and Sterling Therapy help patients reduce pain while building strength. The HomeHealthApp provides physicians and caregivers the data and updates they need regarding their patient’s health and care through a scheduling app and information system.

The Cartera Health Methods

Cartera Health is focused on the expansion of the Extended Care industry. They provide innovative healthcare tools, services, and unparalleled innovative healthcare experiences to patients and their families through this comprehensive approach they developed. The founders, Dr. Sterling Carter and Stephen Carter are personally engaged and hands-on in improving and implementing the processes that help each patient reach their healthcare goals, as well as building their community.